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7 Simple steps to unleash your Passion

Do you feel that you have doubts on what is your real passion and most importantly how to go about your Passion, this may be a real challenge for many of you working in 9–5 job but figuring out answers are not always easy!

You are not close to where you truly want to be. It frustrates us, right?

It keeps us up at night and becomes difficult to cope up with this, it also makes us depressed as we notice more and more time is passing away while we sit around confused and depressed.

We watch other people who have apparently identified their real passion and most importantly started their journey, and we hope may be one day we will be like them?

While I don’t feel that I am qualified to tell others how to live their lives but I am the most qualified person to speak on my own life and share the things that I’ve found helpful in pushing me along my journey to figuring out what I’m most passionate about.

With that, here are seven step secrets to find your passion and how to go about it.

What you really want?
95% people are stuck in their jobs which they don’t like and in fact some people don’t even know what to do in their life apart from job. I often get call and emails from people and everyone talks about same problem, and I tell them it’s actually very simple. You can do many things, make a list of all the things which you are really interested in, pick any two to focus on and then start with that, try and find ways to see if these things are something you really want to pursue further. If you realize it’s not what you thought it would be, remove it from your list and move on. If you end up loving it and find yourself regularly wanting to do more of it, well then, you’re onto something.

2. Get courage to start.

You could be qualified well in education but your academic background doesn’t guarantee you’ll always love doing what you have studied, you can change your mind at whatever time you want. We often try to put restrictions on ourselves because our parents have invested so much money in our education and after getting into job we start feeling stuck in issues like monotonous work, low salary etc., in short life is not what we expected. So, stop doing what you hate and start taking the steps and act towards what you really love.

3. There is no comparison.

Although you go about finding your passion, but you will never find it by watching and comparing yourselves where you are in life to others. If you feel that your friends are very far along in their career or you feel that they possibly achieved maximum in their life around 90–95 out of 100 and start thinking maybe one day you will also achieve that but, maybe they did take a big jump of belief, moved across their career in many ways, or must have sacrificed relationships to get to where they are. Whatever it is, you cannot compare your new beginning to someone else’s middle.

4. Fear vs Belief.

People are suffering in their jobs which they don’t like but not ready to change the situation or not ready to learn how to change situation because of Fear, it can convince you to let go some of the most incredible opportunities because you cannot be foreseen taking that first step. To find your real passion, big jumps of belief are always needed.

5. What’s the confusion

People want to follow their dreams but cannot seem to figure it out how to go about it, Time is passing by very fast and according to our list of dreams we were supposed to be accomplished those dreams after starting our first job or by age of 25 or before turning 30 etc. but, we are nothing closer to those dreams So, it’s very important that to give ourselves a moment of absolute stillness to simply plan, and need to be mindful of our actions and we must reach out to someone who can guide us take these actions.

6. Is it really about money.

Anyone can find passion but to follow it, requires courage and which comes with actions which needs to be learned and money should never be the only criteria of what you do in life and if it is, more than likely you will always end up in position doing things you’re not passionate about because you are choosing wrong jobs and picking wrong areas of your work, just to make a money and after some months or years you feel depressed and tired from your job and life , You must do it because you genuinely love doing it first and then you can easily figure out how to make a fortune by doing that one thing.

7. Who is your super hero?

Whatever I have experienced in my professional and personal life and based on that I have learned one thing is to limit the amount of advice which I try and obtain from some people who are not qualified to offer their counsel on what I’m doing with my life and what challenges I am facing and how can I overcome those challenges, some people will never understand you and your dreams or passion and that’s perfectly fine. It’s not for them to understand anyway. Whenever I meet people for one on one mentoring I always suggest them to surround yourself with people who can motivate and guide you further while you’re busy working toward understanding your passion.

7 Simple steps to unleash your Passion

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