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Why can’t you understand Papa?

This is the true story of my friend “Danny” just like many of us he belongs to conservative Indian middle-class family and who hails from Bhopal, India after completion of his graduation Danny was forced by his Dad and other family members to take admission in MCA(Computer Application) and he was very sure that he doesn’t want to get into that course but even after continued protest by him finally he was forced to take admission in college against his wish and his Dad took education loan(worth 3.5lac rupees) for his PG education and every day he used to go to college and come back with feeling of frustration, depression and being victim who has been punished by his own family, Danny’s dad comes from a humble background of Government Job and never seen anything unconventional as far as professional career is concerned.

This is pretty common in our society that the doctor’s son or daughter will become a doctor, Working professionals people want their kids to follow their footprints and this goes for many other profession isn’t? but the real pressure comes on their children how to convince their parents that they don’t want to follow their parent’s footprints and they have their own dreams and aspirations which they want to live with! and similar kind of situation Danny was facing, he somehow finished his first MCA semester exam, one day he managed to get courage to come up to his Dad and told him that he wants to quit his college and wants to pursue his own dream, his dream was to become “Cinematographer” well yes this was kind of alien word for Danny’s Dad and for his entire family, somehow he managed to express his desire and like any other Dad, his father told him to complete education and find better Job for himself to secure his future, without being too much thinking about Cinematography!

Every day Danny used to think in his mind “Why can’t you understand Papa” I really want to do something different in my life, Danny used to feel that why can’t I prove to my family that I don’t want to continue this course and want to follow what my heart says! Do you ever feel that you also have lots of dream and aspirations which you want to fulfil but it bothers you what people will think, what your parents will say, and you keep thinking maybe one day they will understand what I really want!

Danny’s challenge was to convince his Dad and also to get better clarity in his mind how can he go about his passion, and that was the time when I had an opportunity to interact and discuss with Danny, one day I got a call from Danny and after listening to his problems I started working with him to help overcome that situation and prepare a roadmap on how to go ahead, At least in Danny’s case he had little idea about his aspirations but think about many people who absolutely have no clarity on what they want in their life ?

And we feel that our parents don’t want us to follow our dreams and they stop us from following our passion, but in reality we don’t really know what we want and how to go about it, because if we have absolute clarity, it’s very easy to convince our family by showing the roadmap or system or by giving them logical answers to make them aware about what we want and How we want to go about it, but we expect our family to understand us without any proof or logical answers isn’t? our Parents are reluctant because of our unclear thoughts and no absolute clarity on how to go about our Passion.

So after understanding Danny’s problem I gave him a simple and effective system to work upon which he implemented and he not only managed to complete this MCA degree with first class distinction, Danny also got admission in FTII (Film Institute Pune, India) and pursuing his dream course and guess what his Dad and Entire family is very happy and proud of Danny, he has become the role model in his entire family and friend circle.

Look around you, you will find Many Danny, or you must be going through the pain like Danny’s pain if you really want something in life and want to achieve what your heart says you better known how to go about it!

Why can’t you understand Papa?

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