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What People will say? (Log Kya Kahenge)

There is one thing which always bothered me since childhood was Log Kya Kahenge? (What people will say) I have always heard this thing from my family, friends, surroundings and in fact, every time at work, whatever I did in my life had an influence on my decision based on Log Kya Kahenge? and today I feel like laughing on this but then it was like a huge thing for me!

The story goes back to my schooling days when I was in 12th standard, one fine morning my class teacher came to me and said you have to take part today in district level debate competition, get ready you have to leave in half an hour because the guy who was nominated for that competition has got ill and unable to come for competition, so we want to replace him with you and now you have to represent school for this competition.

Suddenly I was in a very uncomfortable situation because I never ever appeared in any such competition in past and in fact I didn’t have any idea what I am going to do or speak? What’s the topic and what the hell am I supposed to do in that competition because I am not prepared for it, I went back to teacher and said mam I can’t do this, I have never done this in past and don’t have any clue, I think you should pick up somebody else in my place. After little conversation she told me you have to pick up slip and based on the topic they will give you 5 minutes to think and prepare within that time and speak either in favour or against of that topic and remember it’s a debate competition and you have to Win for our school and we all feel you can do it, all the best she said..!

And in no time, I was on my way to the venue along with principle and other teachers from my school. While on our way to the venue they were telling me how to present and what to say, but I was completely lost thinking what if I fail today and couldn’t perform on stage imagine what people will say? and I started thinking about my classmates who just want any small incident to pull leg and make fun in front of an entire class. I was very nervous and felt like crying and thinking why the hell they made me escape goat? and pushing me into something which I don’t want to do at any cost!

When I reached the venue, there were hundreds of students from all over the city all came to take part in that competition and they arranged us in groups based on age and Class number and I was competing against the three times district champion, we were in the same group competing against each other.

My worse fear came true when they asked me to go first because they called names alphabetically (as my name starts from alphabet A) I picked up the slip and read the topic, I was given 5 minutes to prepare for it. I was feeling huge pressure on me and was very nervous suddenly I closed my eyes and asked myself what if I really perform well today and win the trophy for my school what would be the reactions of my classmates then? I changed my focus from “I can’t do it” to “I can easily do it”.

so, cutting the long story short I stood second in that competition although I haven’t won the competition but certainly won lots of applauds from my teachers, my classmates and from my entire family. And more importantly I gain amazing confidence after that incident and that changed my outlook towards uncomfortable situations and post that incident I started taking part in activities beyond my comfort zone.

Many times, in our life we fear and question ourselves while thinking what people will say, if we want to do something new and if we don’t get success what people will say that really bothers us, We scare to become matter of laugh for the society and loved ones and we let go the opportunities in our life which never comes back.

Slowly that becomes our habits and our decision becomes the slave of syndrome “what people will say” and it affects our lives personally and professionally we let go our dreams and let go our aspirations and many times we pick up wrong professions and then feel frustrated to get stuck in something which we hate and coming out of that situation looks impossible, because we are highly dominated by over thinking what people will say? What If I quit my job or do something which I love and but if I fail people will laugh on me and that vicious circle doesn’t let us overcome our fear and make as a slave forever till the end of life.

So Here is Passion+ Tips which helped me overcome what people will say syndrome,

The only way to silence naysayers is your actions!

The key questions to ask yourself are:

Are these people really matter in your life?

What importance do they hold in your life?

How have they contributed to your happiness and well-being?

Would you turn to them for help when you really need it?

If not, then you have the answer!

The most amazing and awesome way to live life is the way which allows you to make decisions from your own internal convictions, your values and Self-judgements!

What People will say? (Log Kya Kahenge)

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