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Have you ever compared yourself to other people?

Have you ever compared yourself to other people? Has it ever discouraged you or made you feel like there was something wrong with you? or made you think what you’re doing with your life?

With social media and the internet, it’s almost impossible not to compare your life to other people’s. The problem with social media is people rarely share anything negative going on in their lives, so it feels like everyone is always living this amazing and wonderful life… while you may not be.

We see people on amazing vacations, Having food in nice restaurants, driving new cars, enjoying every family moments, parties, celebrations and the list goes on and on.

*A personal story from my experience*

I was in Goa and I had the fabulous beaches surrounding me.

It was beautiful. But I wasn’t there to take in the scenery, I was there for a purpose. I was there for organising the 2 days workshop.

One day during the workshop I met Sujeet, we did an exercise where I asked participants to write out one belief that was holding them back in lives and causing struggle.

What would you write down? Take a second to think about it and then read on.

For sujeet, it was the approval of others. Not just from colleagues at work, but from his family. He did things to fit in or didn’t do things because he felt it would make him look bad or he wouldn’t be loved.

But here’s the thing: After learning some techniques sujeet was able to break through and completely eliminate his desire to be liked by anyone. That breakthrough happened within one day.

Instead, what sujeet learned that the only person that he needed to be liked by was… himself!

Sujeet also learned that if he liked himself and if he was comfortable with who he was, then what others thought of him wouldn’t matter.

And everyone else realized that If they continued to revolve life around what other people thought of them, they would never going to be able to achieve the things they really wanted in life.

And that’s a common struggle I see with many of our amazing people

You may want approval from…

… your parents (even if you’re over 40)

… your Spouse

… your relatives

… your friends

This fear, the fear of not being loved or not being enough, stops you from doing and becoming Great!

It stops you from following your PASSION and making a true IMPACT on this world.

The only person who you NEED to approve of is YOURSELF.

Everyone else’s approval has NOTHING to do with you.

You can’t control how they feel, you can only control how you feel.

The sooner you can learn to disregard other people’s judgments and their own perceptions about you, the sooner you’ll be able to bring out the BEST you and the sooner you’ll be able to achieve your PASSION and everything you want in your life.

Have you ever compared yourself to other people?

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