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Why do we need Purpose?

The story goes back to my schooling, as a student I failed in exams many times, I didn’t have any focus on study, and I was very lazy and wasted my time sleeping and spending time with my friends. No amount of advice or threat made any difference to me. I wouldn’t change at all by any positive Interference by anyone!

Few years passed, and I was in the final year of my graduation, my father began to worry about my future because my academics was horrible. He recognized the need to give something to me so that I can take care of myself and my family.

One day, he called me and said-“My son, you are no more a kid now. You must learn to take responsibilities and understand life.”

“I want you to find the real objective of your life “and when you find it remember you will lead a life full of happiness and success.”

He then gave me options to choose – to pursue higher education (MBA) or to get Job and parallel continue my study. I was surprised but chose the idea of continuing higher education. The next day, I eagerly set out on a path to look for better MBA colleges in the city and around. I even traveled to a few neighboring cities to inquire about the admission process and entrance exams to get admission into MBA.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Along the way, I met a lot of people. I was helped by some with guidance and by some with mere information, meantime I was also preparing for an entrance exam.

Finally, after a long year, I managed to get admission in MBA college in another city. And My father ensured that I get a college hostel and I started living into College Hostel and spent two months looking and digging for ways to adjust to this new lifestyle and Especially adjusting without good home food. (Those who lived in Hostel can understand this) By the third month, I was so exhausted that I decided to leave that place.

I booked tickets to go back home in upcoming months, but meantime I experienced a completely different scenario in my life because I made lots of friends in the hostel and met amazing new batchmates, I started to enjoy the blooming friendship there and the dancing atmosphere in monsoon. I stayed in that place only to spend time with friends and to enjoy pleasant evenings with people around.

I learned to adjust and make arrangement for my things. I also learned how to sew my clothes and Prepare my bed myself. He also learned how to deals with different people while living in a Hostel.

I met some amazing people who had helped me in my academics and assignments and created amazing bonding with them. I stayed a few days with everyone whom I knew in the hostel and helped them in some of the other ways to show my affection. I realized how nice they were to a newly known person who had nothing much to offer to them in return.

When I reached home next time, I realized it had been 4 months since I left the home. I walked straight into my father’s room and said ”Papa”.

My father immediately hugged me, “So how was your hostel my son, did you find something about your life’s objective” he asked.

“The Hostel Life was fascinating Papa. But forgive me for I couldn’t find any true objective of life.

“There wasn’t’ any particular objective in the very first place my son”-my father answered smiling.

“But why did you send me to stay in Hostel then”, I asked.

“I will surely tell you why, but first you tell me, how was your journey to the college and Hostel Life? Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, Of course, Papa! I did enjoy the journey and I made many friends and witnessed amazing things every day. I learned so many different skills and the art of adjustment, apart from becoming more sincere and focused on my objectives. There was so much I learned it made me forget the pain of staying away from family”

Papa said to me- “Exactly my son. I wanted you to realize your life with some objective. But if you remain too focused on the goal, then you will miss out the real treasures of life. The truth is, life can’t be enjoyed unless you’re truly experiencing it and grow with it every single day.”

Moral: It is not who you are? or what you have? but what you want to be in life, has a greater purpose and that’s what provides true meaning and joy in each moment of your journey!

Having a purpose of your own guides you in right direction, pushes you out of your comfort zone , it helps you fight procrastination , it gives you a powerful tool to improve yourself every day, it urges you to learn from every dimension of your life, it inspires you to act fearlessly and take risk, it gives you the required strength to stand up in your moments of failures. It increases your appetite to achieve more, to be more precise it helps you to be you.

Knowing your Purpose in life gives you something to build the rest of your life around. Your love can be anything that simultaneously challenges you, intrigues you and motivates you. Contrary to the idea that doing what you love makes work effortless, a desire puts you to work. It’s what you’re willing to sacrifice leisure and pleasures for. Seek it and where you find it may surprise you.

It’s an excellent opportunity to begin considering your identity (Who you are?), whom you need to end up and how that compares with what you value in life. The appropriate responses probably won’t be as evident as you think.

I’m not discussing the estimation of materialistic things like cars, houses, or the most recent gadgets or gifts. I mean what you value as in honesty, sense of pride, regard for other people, Kindness—these characteristics that have no cost because their effect can’t be estimated.

Why do we need Purpose?

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