Akash Ujawane


Akash Ujawane is a Speaker, Trainer and Success Passion Coach. He worked with People who are willing to seek help in their lives. He has Helped more than 500 individuals to identify their real Passion and creating happy, fulfilled and profitable lives. He believes that driving force which can transform you and get you success in life is your purpose!

His enthusiasm makes his seminars and workshops life-changing for participants. With over 10 years of experience working with leading corporate, He trained and helped hundreds of people transform their lives with his expert coaching

But life was not always same for him, he led the typical life of working in corporate for more than 10 years, and he then realized that working 9-5 in corporate and earning fixed monthly salary was not the only thing he wanted to achieve in life. After years of working experience in corporate, he realized that his job is just his profession and this is not his true passion, which he wanted to follow his entire life.

But then the big question in his mind was, “what the hell he really wants from his life”? In order to discover his true passion, he started working towards his inner self and identifying his true purpose.

Then he decided that he has to do something about this. So, every day after office hours he started working on finding his true passion and purpose, and as he was dedicated to knowing how to create happy, fulfilling and profitable life, so he promised self to work on personal development and finally managed to find why? and got started on his journey.

But soon realized that he was not the only one struggling to find life purpose, but most people struggle in their life when it comes to identifying their purpose and finding real ingredients to shape the future. People wish to do something better, something bigger in their life, but stop themselves, or fail to take the first step? And they’re unsure if their true calling is what they’ve always felt, but never had the courage to choose? They keep looking for ways to listen to their heart and try to follow what they are passionate about but certainly fail. Through his efforts, he wants to empower people to unleash their real purpose & passion so they can craft their own destiny.

He recently launched a Book “Craft Your Destiny”

Through this book, you will learn the empowering ways to unleash your real driving force.
But more than then that this book is the one that everyone should read and find their purpose.

This book can help people become successful much faster and will save their tonnes of struggle.
So be sure to be the first to get your copy of Craft Your Destiny!

Avail the Book

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